Need help with references?

Ensuring that your citations and references are accurate and correctly formatted can be laborious. However, such details are essential for validating the science behind your research and for demonstrating that your work is professional and trustworthy.

Please note that these services are only available for documents in which reference editing software (e.g. EndNote, Mendeley, or Zotero) has not been used (or in which software-generated field codes have been removed).

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What’s included in the reference editing?

Nobel Editing offers two reference editing services, which may be requested independently or together, depending on your requirements:

Reference FormattingReference Checking
Comprehensive Formatting
Format in-text citations to the target style
Format references in the bibliography to the target style
Correct spelling and grammar mistakes in in-text citations and the bibliography
Essential Checks
Check that the number of references is within the specified limit
Check that the order of in-text citations and references in the bibliography match
Check that all in-text citations are referenced in the bibliography, and vice versa
In-Depth Source Text Checks
Confirm the validity of in-text citations by examining the original sources
Identify any additional in-text sources which might require referencing (e.g. websites)