What does the editing service include?

Depending on your requirements, there are two levels of editing available:

  • Standard Editing involves proofreading and copy-editing to improve the language, along with detailed checks of the structure of the document.
  • Premium Editing involves developmental editing of the manuscript, which includes the same services as Standard Editing, plus extensive work to improve the narrative flow and coherence of the document as a whole.

Improve language & style
Essential language editing to guarantee that the level of English in the manuscript is suitable for publication.
Improve the flow, clarity, conciseness and consistency of the text

Ensure consistency of spelling (UK or US style)

Check that abbreviations are defined and are used appropriately
Correct punctuation errors, including in-line symbols
Check article structure
Detailed checks of the manuscript structure, based on the target journal requirements. If an issue is found, it will be highlighted with a Comment in the manuscript.
Check: Are all the necessary sections present?
Check: Is the manuscript and each section within the word limits?
Check: Is each section correctly formatted?
Check: Does the title page include all of the necessary information?
Developmental editing
Substantial reworking of the text to strengthen its narrative flow. Cross-checking to highlight important omissions.
Improve the logic and strength of scientific explanations and arguments by rearranging or reordering paragraphs as necessary
Offer detailed comments and advice on how to improve the narrative flow of the document (e.g. suggesting additional topics to discuss, or ways to make existing arguments clearer)
Strengthen the clarity of the manuscript and avoid repetition by removing paragraphs as appropriate
Suggest terminology and wordings which are best suited to the target audience
Highlight any significant omissions of information
For example: missing information in the Methods, or in figure or table captions.