How can you help with my thesis or dissertation?

Nobel Editing offers a specialised proofreading service for theses and dissertations. This service guarantees a native level of English without changing the structure or content of the document.

Note that only proofreading, not editing, is available. This restriction is based on ethical guidelines typically laid down by educational institutes and universities. These guidelines limit the extent to which students’ work can be edited, to ensure that the intellectual content of the document is their own.

If you are in any doubt about the ethical guidelines for your own institute or university regarding the authorship of your work, then please check with them first before requesting this service.

Here is a detailed list of what the proofreading service includes and does not include:

Improve language & style
Essential language editing to guarantee that the English in the document is at a native level.
Correcting spelling in the main text of the document to match the required style (e.g. UK or US style)

Correcting grammar and improving phrasing of sentences
Adding comments to highlight sentences or sections for which the intended meaning is unclear
Checking that abbreviations are defined and marking them with a comment if not

Correcting punctuation errors, including in-line symbols
What is not included in the service
Restructuring paragraphs or rearranging sentences to change the narrative flow
Formatting of the document (e.g. to change reference styles, headings, or page layouts)
Writing new text or content, including summarising existing text
Providing comments or advice on the content or structure of the document
Reducing or increasing the word count of the document to a specific target
Checking references or adding in new references