Need help with your Abstract?

The Abstract is the first summary of your research findings read by other researchers, serving to “hook” readers by convincing them of the novelty and importance of your work. Therefore, an impactful Abstract is essential to communicating your findings in a clear and compelling way that entices researchers into reading your work in more detail.

Nobel Editing offers the following Abstract services to help you to present a bold yet accurate summary of your work:

  • Copy-Editing & Proofreading:
    • Refining your existing Abstract to improve its clarity, consistency and flow, rephrasing sentences if necessary.
    • No alterations will be made to the overall content, structure or order of the Abstract, so your authorial voice and style are retained.
    • Correcting spelling to maintain consistency (UK or US style) and fixing grammatical and punctuation errors.
    • Checking that abbreviations are defined as required by the target journal.
    • Guaranteed native level of English that gets your research findings across clearly and powerfully.
    • Word Count Reduction can also be requested in combination with the Copy-Editing and Proofreading service to meet a specific word limit.
  • Draft Writing:
    • Writing an impactful, clear and compelling Abstract based on your research findings, which powerfully conveys the importance and novelty of your work.
    • Ensuring that the structure and word count of the Abstract meet specific requirements (e.g. as defined by the journal, conference, or funding body).
    • Reworking the Abstract during an additional free round of editing (if desired), to further modify and improve the Abstract based on your feedback.

Note: When ordering any of these services, please send the entire document which the Abstract summarises (e.g. manuscript, thesis, or grant proposal) and give details of the target journal, conference or funding body.

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