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Nobel Editing offers author assistance throughout the journal submission and peer review process:

If you need help with the manuscript itself, please check out the specialised editing services on offer for Manuscripts & Papers, Abstracts and References.

Need help with your cover letter?

The Cover Letter is crucial to giving journal editors a positive first impression of your work. A well-written Cover Letter is polite and puts forward a brief yet compelling explanation of the importance and novelty of your research.

It is a key part of determining whether your manuscript is sent for peer-review. Therefore, a professional, well-written Cover Letter can help to increase the chance of publishing your research in your journal of choice.

Nobel Editing offers the following services to help you to prepare your Cover Letter:

  • Copy-Editing & Proofreading:
    • Refining your existing Cover Letter to improve the language and flow of the text.
    • No alterations are made to the overall content, structure or order of the text, so your authorial voice and style are retained.
    • Comments will be added if necessary to suggest modifications or indicate missing information to be added, based on the target journal’s requirements.
    • Guaranteed native level of English that gets your message across clearly.
  • Draft Writing:
    • Based on your manuscript, a Cover Letter is drafted which conveys the importance and novelty of your research in a way that is clear, concise and compelling.
    • Presents a convincing case to the Chief Editor of your target journal of how your research fits in with the journal’s scope and target readership.
    • Written with careful attention to the journal’s requirements, so that all necessary information is included (e.g. corresponding author details, statements of authorship, or other mandatory author declarations).

Note: When ordering either of these services, please attach the entire manuscript to which the Cover Letter refers and remember to specify the target journal.

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Need help with peer review responses?

Clearly communicating the merits of your work and explaining the reasoning behind it is essential to convincing reviewers that your research is worth publishing. The majority of reviewers are extremely busy, so getting your key points across to them in a clear and concise way gives you the best chance of a positive outcome during the peer review process.

Nobel Editing can work with your peer review responses throughout the process by:

  • Language Editing:
    • Guaranteeing a native level of English which is easy for reviewers to read and understand.
    • Improving the flow, clarity, conciseness and consistency of the text, including rephrasing sentences if necessary.
    • Ensuring that the tone and language of your responses is polite and professional.
    • Correcting spelling to maintain a consistent style (UK or US) and fixing punctuation errors, including in-line symbols.
    • Checking that abbreviations are defined and used appropriately.

Note: When ordering this service, please attach the entire manuscript and the whole peer review response document, including the reviewers’ original comments.

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